Tills Visa Law

Stephen K. Tills, Attorney at LAW

Visa Services

Our Office provides services in a variety of immigration-related matters:  Family Visas and Business Visas,  Detention and Deportation, and issues related to border crossings at the U.S. / Canada ports of entry.

We assist clients in filing for Immigrant and Non-immigrant Visas.  In general, Immigrant visas involve foreign individuals who are sponsored by their immediate family members or their employer. Individuals cannot self-file for Immigrant visas except for a few circumstances such as individuals fleeing persecution,  Religious workers, and women fleeing violence.

There are numerous non-immigrant visas, one for each letter of the alphabet from letter A through V. The most common visitor visa is the B-1/B-2 business / tourist visa.  This visa does not require a separate sponsorship application, but does require that the visitor show the means to finance their trip. This visa does not permit employment authorization.

Foreign students are often admitted on F-1 visas, as well as on J-1 (exchange), and M-1 (vocational).



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