Tills Visa Law

Stephen K. Tills, Attorney at LAW


How do I file for a visitor visa:

Contact the U.S. Department of State or its website,  www.state.gov  if seeking a visa from abroad.  Contact U.S. CIS or its website, uscis.gov  if in the U.S. in lawful status.

How do I file for an immigrant visa:

You normally don’t.  You have to first be sponsored by a U.S. family member or a U.S. based Company, or be in a special class who are permitted to self petition.

Upon approval of the visa petition, you may file for permanent residence at a U.S. Embassy abroad, or if in the United States, with the U.S. CIS.

What can I do if a family member is detained by Immigration?

You can call the Federal Detention Facility and leave a message for him/her. You probably cannot contact  them directly. You will need to provide their full name and Alien Identification number that was issued to them by ICE.  You can provide them with funds to have a commissary account for phone use and the purchase of necessary provisions.

If they are seeking to defend themselves from deportation, consult with an immigration lawyer.  Cases before the Immigration Judges in detention cases rapidly, so you should act quickly if want attorney representation.

Why have I suddenly been denied entry to the U.S. after having entered and exited frequently in the past?

Because an inspector found that you may have a criminal conviction or immigration violation in the past, and concluded that you may be inadmissible to the U.S.  There is no statute of limitations for prior conduct causing inadmissibility.


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