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New House Visa Security Reform Bill

us_immigration_visa_passportThe House has submitted a bill for consideration called the Visa Integrity and Security Act of 2016 (VISA).  Several proposed changes stand out.

1, all visa petitions will require a complete background check of the Petitioner, as well as the Beneficiaries of the application.  Currently,  a full background check is conducted only on the Beneficiaries.

2, a “Security Advisory Opinion” would be required for all visa applicants from countries currently associated with Islamic extremism, e.g.,  Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria,  Sudan,  Yemen.

3,  a person’s Social Media information will be reviewed as part of the background checks.

4,  All visa applicants abroad will be required to have an in-person interview with a consular official.

5, DNA testing will be required for all visa applications based solely on blood relations,  i.e., sibling petitions or Parent-child preference petitions.  Currently DNA testing is done only where the records of birth and family heritage are insufficient or from a country lacking in reliable record-keeping.




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