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The Executive order: USA Immigration

The question being debated is whether the President’s Executive “Actions” (not Orders) are legally permitted under the Constitution.

Q: Can Pres. Obama grant legal status by Executive Order?
A: Yes, if he is using his executive power to enforce the Immigration Law, and not change the law.

Q: What status will he grant to Illegal aliens:
A1: The status will be an Order of Supervision (OSUP), which is a lawful status, and entitles the alien to obtain work authorization.
A2: For aliens currently in deportation proceedings, or previously deported, they will need to also have an Order of Deferral of Removal issued by U.S ICE or the Immigration Judge.
A3: This status is not permanent resident status (green card), nor does it make an alien eligible to file for permanent resident status.
U.S. Immigration issues – by following the teachings of our forefathers.


WASHINGTON — House Republicans are set to vote next week on a bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security that will be coupled with a number of hard-line conservative measures going after President Barack Obama’s central immigration policies. The bill is likely to set up a week long fight between Republicans and the president that could risk shutting down DHS at the end of next month. –January 12, 2015: From Huffington Post, To read more click here

as an aside…

Republicans said that after Wednesday’s terrorist attack in France, it would be the wrong move to threaten shutting down the Homeland Security department over the immigration issue. From Huffington Post, Jan 12,2015 To read more click here

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