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Immigration Visa Laws -Reverse brain drain?

But increasingly strict immigration laws are making it more difficult for those immigrants to start their enterprises in the United States, prompting a “reverse brain drain,” according to the researchers behind the Kauffman study. Of particular concern is the growing number of foreign-born students who earn advanced degrees at U.S. universities. But, after graduating they are forced to return home. Some of these brainiacs will create firms that compete against American companies.

A slow economy in the United States shows poor judgment in some cases when talking about visas and immigration rights. It’s like the rules and regulations have taken over. Each immigration case should be addresses on its own merits–NOT GET BOGGED DOWN IN BEAUROCRACY with 9 years delays in decisions making. Where is the common sense that was captures in the Declaration of Independence (translated).

Immigration Laws need to be re-examined and overhauled before the United States becomes a third world country as Brazil, China and Russia climb the progressive ladder.

Arizona Deportation at gunpoint

I read that in 30 years the three major powers will be Russia, China and Brazil. Adapt to our changing society. Some strict laws have no room in a progressive society. Don’t forget the striking miners in Arizona, were forced out by gunpoint. They called it deportation. Not immigrations finest hour.
Striking miners and others being deported at gunpoint from Lowell, Arizona, on July 12, 1917, during the Bisbee Deportation.

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