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Deferred program update for young illegal immigrants?

President Obama’s deportation deferral program.
One month after the Obama administration started a program to suspend deportations of young illegal immigrants; more than 72,000 of them have applied for the temporary reprieve. Immigration officials said on Tuesday the first approvals have been granted this week.

Nathan Weber -N.Y. Times

Generally, it may about 3 months for all the paperwork to be processes. Background checks, stacks of rental receipts, graduation papers, combined with the $465 application fee slows down the applicant’s approval. Pressure is increasing on Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate, to clarify his position on the program. He has not said whether he would continue it if he is elected, although he has said he would prefer “a more permanent solution” for young illegal immigrants. A large numbers of young immigrants are ready to take the risk of coming forward, administration officials and immigrant advocates said, and that the agency in charge has been able to manage the rush of paperwork. The immigrants requesting two-year deportation deferrals do not reach the high estimates of 250,000. The surge of applicants has not been greater, lawyers and advocates said, because of difficulties many young immigrants have encountered in gathering the documents they need to meet the program’s requirement and in mustering the $465 application fee, a hefty sum for many. They are also concerned about their parents. By Election time the expected 250,000 may be reached. Julia Preston in The New York Times.

Joshua Lott for The New York Times–Young illegal immigrants waited in line last month to meet with a lawyer in Phoenix before applying for President Obama’s deportation deferral program.


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