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Green Card – story

This is a story about a student working towards her masters in Journalism in New York City. When I heard the story I so much wanted to say to her, “Why did you not consult an immigration Lawyer?” Her situation was that she asked a lawyer for advice. It was not revealed in her story whether or not she consulted an immigration lawyer.

I asked a lawyer if there was anything I could do to stay. He took my $100 consultation fee and asked if I had a boyfriend I could marry. New York Times, Aug 17,2012

Also, there was a tinge of not having understood all the questions before filling out the forms. Sure, anyone can fill out an immigration application form along with the small processing fee. You are not always able interpret the questions exactly as they are meant to be.

Here is a typical story and what happened to Atossa:-

In the meantime, I entered the green card — also known as the “diversity” — lottery. They call it a lottery for good reason; the odds of winning are minute. But I’d marked the deadline in my calendar the year before, and it seemed like a waste to let it pass. I didn’t have the right-size photograph to attach to my application, so my boyfriend snapped a picture of me standing against a dusty white wall in our kitchen. It was 7 a.m., and head-on, I looked like a sleepy convict. I wrote down my phone number and address, and under “Country Claimed,” settled on Switzerland.

Last summer, when I found out I’d won, I couldn’t believe it could be that simple. I called three lawyers to make sure it was real. They said it was.

It wasn’t.

Two painful months later, I received a letter from the United States Embassy in Bern. It informed me that I was disqualified from the lottery because I’d claimed the wrong country of origin. Although I had Swiss citizenship, I was not a Swiss native, because I was born in Canada. Canadians typically aren’t eligible for the lottery, but if I’d claimed Iran, where my parents were born, I wouldn’t have had any trouble. I appealed and complained, but nothing could be done. My mother’s trip in the summer of 1986 came back to bite me. The punch line, of course, was that I was too diverse for the diversity lottery. Even I can’t tell you where I’m from. Green Card Lottery By ATOSSA ARAXIA ABRAHAMIAN Published: August 17, 2012

This person was born in Canada and lived in Switzerland, obtaining Swiss citizenship. “Country claimed.” A layperson’s knee jerk reaction would be, “What does that mean?” She found out the hard way. The story continues that she got a “good” lawyer that was able to assist her in staying in the United States under the O visas for “extraordinary aliens” — Nobel Prize winners, celebrities and occasionally writers. During this wait time, Atossa was feverishly writing a lot of articles for publication. The second lawyer that led her down a successful path was simply called a “good” lawyer.

Experience counts a lot. An experienced immigration lawyer is someone that can get you through the ropes and make your dreams come true!

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