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Illegal immigrants dont pay income tax.

If illegal immigrants received visas or green cards, think of the revenue for the United States. And, income tax is ongoing money to the government. You can’t get rid of all the illegal immigrants. You can allow the ones that are here with jobs to give back some of the money through taxation. I don’t see how kids go to school as illegals slip through the system for 10-15 years. It really baffles the mind? Give them the right to stay and I think everyone will be happier.

Presumably the remittance money mentioned in the article on Mexican migrants is lost not only to the U.S. economy but also to the Treasury; there must be a lot of unpaid income taxes in that $23 billion sent to Mexico last year.

Immigration_newsThe United States should do what Oklahoma does: Set a fee of 1 percent (to be credited against its income tax) for all remittances wired from that state to anywhere in the world. If implemented on a national level, that fee would recapture almost a quarter-billion dollars a year to help with our deficits, and it would cost virtually nothing to any American voter.

Western Union might howl to the high heavens, but the fee would be good for the rest of us.

David North, Washington Jun 27, 2012 Washington Post opinions. The writer is a fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies.

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