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18 percent — say immigration is an important issue in their vote.

Washington Post-ABC News poll results:
Obama’s approval rating on dealing with immigration issues is no better (nor worse) than it was two years ago, and he runs evenly with former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney on who people trust to handle the issue. Fewer than one in five voters — 18 percent — say immigration is an extremely important issue in their vote. The FIX by Chris Cillizzia for the Washington Post.

Mitt Romney says he would lead on immigration, he just won’t say how
Mitt Romney has had a lot to say about immigration over the past few days, but what he has said adds up to a giant question mark.
….That brings us to the past two weeks, when the former governor went fuzzy in public on immigration. It began when President Obama, in a move that was as political as it was substantive, issued an order that halted the deportation of illegal immigrants who came to the United States as children if they met certain criteria. by Dan Baltz for the Washington Post.


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